Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration board

I am finally getting around to starting my portfolio. It's been one of those "I'll do it later" projects. I haven't been feeling inspired so it's been difficult to get started. I've moved my desk into the lounge room, I'm not too sure how happy my mum is with the idea, but I feel like I can get more work done in a bigger space. My bedroom is lovely but it's just me in there, and I get easily distracted. My plan of attack is to come up with maybe two spring/summer ranges and two autumn/winter ranges. I'll also include mood boards and I might include some styling work to tie into each of the themes. I've never done a portfolio before so i hope I'll be putting in the right information. I'm not a designer so I won't be including actual fashion illustrations, my line of work is more in product development so prospective employers just need to see that I can do flat sketches with detail and that I have an understanding of garment construction. I have found these days that a lot of the rag trade jobs cross over into other specialties. For instance many product developers also do some production or even buying. I would definitely say that I am an all rounder. In my current position I do development, technicals, production and have been on one buying trip to Hong Kong. Ideally I would love to be working in young fashion as either a design assistant or somewhere in product development (the both are actually very similar roles). I'd also love love love to get to go on frequent buying trips, hey, who wouldn't? I feel I have enough experience now to move into a better position, I am really looking forward to seeing where I end up after  my holiday, it really is an exciting time for me at the moment. 



  1. It does sound rather exciting, and I hope it all goes well. I've always wanted to better catalogue all the magazines and clippings I have...but I am so lazy.

  2. Oooh fascinating. Can't wait to see those mood boards. Good luck!