Tuesday, 21 June 2011


This is the dress that I bought on the weekend. It isn't anything amazing, it was just a cheapie bought from one of those little no name stores that have bits and pieces here and there. I've teamed it up with black tights, my favourite op shop shoes and of course my cashmere Benah snood. I have not taken this snood off. If I could sleep in it without it cutting off my air supply during the night I probably would. It was definitely worth the money. It's L.O.V.E.

Lately I am obsessed with all natural and soft looking colours. I love cream, camel, browns, golden tones, soft pinks, olives and rust colours. I think I am finally starting to see a trend in the way I dress. I don't really do bright colours, I don't think they match my complexion very well. I know natural colours may seem boring to some but for me it's like perfection. They are soft, warm and make me feel pretty. 


Saturday, 18 June 2011

From Paris With Love.

Splendid vest, Kain maxi dress, Kain sweater, Alexander Wang suede shopper bag, Michael Kors watch, Chloe strap sandals.

In no time at all I will be exploring the beautiful city of Paris. I imagine my days will be filled with shopping, exploring, eating, drinking and taking in every second of the hot summer air. I have been to Paris before, but I have somehow changed from that last time and this time I envision my time there will be more special and memorable. I plan to dress effortlessly with long jersey maxi dresses, maxi skirts,  light weight vests, oversized tees, wedges and sandals. My accessories will be minimal and I'll carry a large tote to hold onto my everyday items and my "Paris must see" list.

If you have been to Paris and have any suggestions of places I must see please let me know. Would love any suggestions.

Sometimes my favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon is alone. I've had a lovely carefree day full of nice coffee, shopping, sushi and fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers. I love walking into a florist and staring at all the beautiful colours, especially on dreary days like today. It instantly brightens my mood. I didn't have much luck in terms of clothes shopping today. I guess when it is sale time you have to sought through the crap to find a treasure. I did the buy above dress and I am content with that purchase. I was also naughty and bought seasons 1 & 2 of The City. My genius thinking was; if I bought the two dvds I would really be saving money. How is this possible you ask? Well, I'll stay in tonight and next weekend to watch said dvds therefore saving money. Brilliant right? It made complete sense in my head.

This evening I will be finishing my relaxing day with a homemade pumpkin risotto. I am somehow becoming the perfect little housewife. I clean, I shop, I bring home fresh flowers and I cook good hearty meals. Too bad Mr. Prince Charming has yet to find me. Hang on, I just heard something, It might be him at the door........


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Art of Layering

A very quick post on this very cold Melbourne morning. I love layering. I love placing one item on top of the other to create a flowing ensemble. Here i am wearing an old black maxi, a no name long line knitted top, my rustic long line cardi and my "I'll never take you off" Benah snood with leopard print flats. I think it all woks so well. I am warm and ready to face the day.


I think I've outgrown you.

(fabsugar)  I pray that I will never outgrow my love for black or Mary Kates styles 

Today I received an unexpected text message from an ex boyfriend. There were a few bland texts back and forth when the question I knew was coming flashed up “Do you want to catch up?” In my head I was thinking “NO WAY”. That day has come and gone. I like to believe that I have outgrown that stage of my life. I like to believe that I have lived and learned and if I have learned anything it is that sometimes you should leave the past in the past.

Having contact with an old flame who I have clearly outgrown got me thinking. What else will I outgrow?  Will I ever outgrow my obsession for lip-gloss? Will I ever outgrow sleeping with a teddy bear? Will I ever outgrow drawing love hearts and stars on my fogged up shower door? What about singing in front of the mirror, will I ever outgrow that? Will I outgrow my best friends? I hope not. Will I outgrow burping in front of my mum just to get a reaction? (Yes that sounds gross but her reaction cracks me up). Will I outgrow cracking my fingers? Will I outgrow my love affair with black clothes? Will I outgrow being scared of ghosts? Will I outgrow listening to the same song over and over again? Will I ever outgrow feeling awkward in short skirts?

There will be times where we will all outgrow something that we once loved. Whether it be a style, a boyfriend or an eccentric trait. I guess what I like most about outgrowing something is seeing that I have grown as a person. I may never outgrow certain quirks that I have and I know 100% that I will never outgrow acting silly. What I do know is that those things we once loved are a part of our past, we can’t change them, we can only appreciate them for what they were and pray to god we have more sense in the future!

Monday, 13 June 2011

I would if I could

Miu Miu Cardigan,  J Crew Blouse, TIBI Trench Coat, Gary Bigeni Skirt, Rachael Ruddicks Piccadilly Purse, Maison Martin Margiela Ankle Boots.

With a glass of red wine sitting by my side and the aroma of my mushroom and spinach pasta filling the house, I am perfectly content. This outfit is something that I've just come up with while lazing about today at home. I find the colours are perfect for winter. It's feminine, tailored and chic. If I could, I would definitely buy this whole ensemble. It speaks class and sophistication.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration board

I am finally getting around to starting my portfolio. It's been one of those "I'll do it later" projects. I haven't been feeling inspired so it's been difficult to get started. I've moved my desk into the lounge room, I'm not too sure how happy my mum is with the idea, but I feel like I can get more work done in a bigger space. My bedroom is lovely but it's just me in there, and I get easily distracted. My plan of attack is to come up with maybe two spring/summer ranges and two autumn/winter ranges. I'll also include mood boards and I might include some styling work to tie into each of the themes. I've never done a portfolio before so i hope I'll be putting in the right information. I'm not a designer so I won't be including actual fashion illustrations, my line of work is more in product development so prospective employers just need to see that I can do flat sketches with detail and that I have an understanding of garment construction. I have found these days that a lot of the rag trade jobs cross over into other specialties. For instance many product developers also do some production or even buying. I would definitely say that I am an all rounder. In my current position I do development, technicals, production and have been on one buying trip to Hong Kong. Ideally I would love to be working in young fashion as either a design assistant or somewhere in product development (the both are actually very similar roles). I'd also love love love to get to go on frequent buying trips, hey, who wouldn't? I feel I have enough experience now to move into a better position, I am really looking forward to seeing where I end up after  my holiday, it really is an exciting time for me at the moment.